Full Service Vacation Rental Management

We understand your island home is very important to you. When you hire Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals as your rental manager you are hiring someone local who cares about your home. Living and being a part of the island community is a huge advantage when navigating the complexities of rental management and you can rest assured that your property is being well-maintained and taken care of.

When placing renters at your property it is my main priority to find quality people who will care for your island home. By setting up clear guidelines, homeowners and Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals have the ability to set expectations for guests before their arrival. In my experience, being transparent about the expectations of the homeowner and renter are important to understand in order to avoid any surprises. This allows for an overall positive experience for all parties involved.

How to prepare your home to rent with Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals

  • To provide the best product possible, it is important that each property we manage to be clean, de-cluttered, and well maintained
  • All safety issues, including mold, pests, and fire hazards in the home need to be addressed before the rental season
  • All homes must be insured
  • Peak season for rentals are late June-early September. The property must be available for rental for a minimum of 5 weeks in this window. 
  • Property owners must provide two sets of house keys
  • Two sets of high quality sheets must be provided for each bed in the house
  • One towel per maximum occupancy must be provided
  • Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels) must be provided for the entire rental season
  • Cleaning Products including functioning vacuum cleaner, mop, hand soaps, broom, multi-surface cleaner, tile/tub cleaner, and any other specific cleaners you use in your home must be provided
  • All appliances in the home must be fully functional and all repairs need to be taken care of before the rental season
  • Homeowners need to provide contact information for their prefered plumber, electrician, and care taker (if applicable)
  • Homes need to have working wifi and landline phones (unless otherwise approved by rental manager)
  • All boats that are not to be used by renters need to be properly stored or secured
  • Lawn mowing needs to be scheduled on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, before the rental season
  • A fire extinguisher must be provided in every rental
  • All accessory buildings that are not to be used by renters need to be locked
  • Homes with fireplaces need to remove any firewood or matches from the area to discourage use of fireplace. Additionally a sign should be placed on fireplace to avoid usage
  • Any personal items that would be an issue if they were to be lost or broken need to be removed and secured in a locked owners closet. I suggest that homeowners purchase a separate set of dishes, cups and mugs that would satisfy the maximum occupancy

How We Advertise

At Vinalhaven Vacation rentals one of our main goals is to promote Vinalhaven as a whole. In order to reach the largest audience we feel it is important to engage with the global online community. When you list your home with us we feed your listing to all of the major online hospitality marketplaces; AirBnB, HomeAway, and VRBO. We also have a strong social media presence and engage customers daily though our facebook and instagram pages.

Listing your home with Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals

  1. Contact us  set up a time to discuss our service.
  2. Once contact has been made we can discuss your island home and set up a property visit. It is important for me to be able to see your home and get a feel for your property before next steps are taken.
  3. After I visit you home, I will be able to recommend a price, give recommendations to improve the property, and also take some preliminary property photos. From there we can discuss your expectations and decide on a price that will maximize profits for the season.
  4. After we have established a price, recieved your unavailable dates for the summer, addressed any issues with the property, and received your home owners insurance information I will generate a rental management agreement for your review and signature.
  5. Once you are signed on with Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals we can start to build your listing. Please allow for 1-2 weeks after contract signature to see your listing live on our website.

Full Service Management Fees and Charges

We do not post our commission or fees here and would be happy to explain our fee structure to you by contacting us directly